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    Going beyond conventional marketing studies to measure consumers​' unconscious reactions and opinions. Based on the newest neuropsychological methods, we combine implicit association tests and Big Data into new and innovative test methods that ​determine the ​real ​motivations behind consumer decisions.

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    With our internationally-available online tests, we are able to analyze the effectiveness of products, brands, pictures, names, claims, designs, prices, and advertisements - across several markets - in as little as 2 weeks.

  • What We Do

    Combining Neuroscience & Big-Data for lightning fast Market Research

    Design Testing

    Determine which design is most effective

    A great design can be more convincing than a thousand words. This test helps our clients determine the impact of design on the brain through analyzing graphic elements, colours, and semiotic codes. In addition to neuro-design testing, we also help our clients put together more meaningful design briefs, or give design agencies the opportunity to flash-test new designs before presenting to clients.


    Determine POS effectiveness

    Do you want to cut through clutter, be remembered, and maximize effectiveness? We determine what works by measuring attention, memory and buying intent. Using the newest technology and neurocognitive methodologies, we can deliver representative results within days.

    Name Testing

    Determine the effectiveness of names

    Names create an immediate impression, which strongly determines whether consumers buy, talk about, or re-purchase a product. For any product name, this test provides insights into implicit associations, emotions, memory effects, and persuasion power.

    Claim Testing

    What claim leaves the best impression on the brain?

    Claims can have a strong impact on purchasing behaviour, but what claim leaves the best mark on the brain? This test determines how different claims travel through the brain, and identifies the associations, emotions, and memories they generate. Using this test, we help our clients select the claims that resonate strongest with the intended concept/USP, the brand, and the needs of target consumers.

    Concept Testing

    Does your Front-of-Pack idea stand out?

    A critical question in FMCG is: Does your Front-Of-Pack labelling draw attention, and if yes, what message does it send and what's going on behind the scenes, in the brain? We help our clients understand how various FOP elements work together in generating hooking power, emotional preference, and purchase behaviour. By analysing implicit associations of on-pack graphics, semantics (names, ingredients, claims), and colour codes, we help our clients find the best Front-Of-Pack execution for their product ideas.

    Brand Synapse Mapping

    What "synapse map" does your brand own?

    In the brain, every brand generates a distinctive map of its own. This test helps you understand a brand's unique implicit associations, emotions and subliminal meanings. We can help you understand the cognitive points-of-difference to competitor brands. We also determine how mixed elements (such as design, claims, key visuals) resonate with your brand map for stronger branding of innovation and communication.

    Communications Testing

    Demystifying the effects of advertising

    A piece of advertising invariably leaves a trace of measurable effects on the brain. This test helps you monitor the cut-through power, implicit associations, emotional effects, and memory effects of your communication. We benchmark these results against your brand, pack design, and claims to determine how well your communication is in sync with the overall communications objectives of your mix.


    Benchmark present and past marketing material performance

    A comprehensive database is essential for evidence based marketing. Benchmark your current performance against earlier trials and preserve insights for future tests. Collecting and comparing data will ensure continuous improvements beyond a product's life cycle. We also provide benchmark data on competitor brands.

  • Who We Are

    On a mission to make all marketing decisions evidence based

    Dr. Jonathan T. Mall

    CEO & Science Officer

    After becoming an expert in visual & verbal memory, Jonathan has found great joy in utilizing the newest science and technology for generating actionable insights. 

    Vjatscheslav Kondratjev

    Chief Technology Officer

    A cybernetics engineer, Vjatscheslav optimizes systems using cutting-edge methods of model-based design, systems engineering and dataflow-oriented programming.

    Dr. Berk Birand

    Data Scientist - Semantics & Modelling

    As an engineer, computer and data scientist, Berk builds the algorithms that match semantic patterns to purchase intent.

    Dr. Emi Saliasi

    Cognitive Psychologist - Memory & Perception

    The Neuroimaging and cognitive psychology expert. Emi, is a versatile researcher and develops our cutting-edge cognitive methods.

    Christian Hummeluhr

    Project Lead - Statistics & Operations

    With a background in neuroscience & inferential statistics (Frequentist & Bayesian), Christian lea​ds internal operations and quality control.

    Volodya Trotsiuk

    Ecologist Doctorandus - Semantics & Modelling

    With a background in Ecology, Voloda is constantly working with big datasets and is able to extract clear insights from complex patterns.

    Lucas Doerre

    Visual Identity

    ​Master of the Arts and Communication Design, Lucas is the backbone of our visual identity.

    Analysts & Consultants

    Market Research Analysts

    A diverse team of analysts and consultants enable us to produce quality results within limited timeframes. Among which are: Solveigh Lingens, Timmothy Sondej, Glenn Amundsen and Nicole Mascarenhas.

    FMCG & Behavioural Science Experts

    Industry Experience & Proven Methodologies

    We additionally collaborate with innovation and marketing experts, as well as behavioral and cognitive scientists.


    Disruptive Tech Providers

    We draw on an international network of startups and market research experts who provide access to state of the art information technology and business processes.

    They are major contributors to our speed and stamina, providing novel market research apps, data aggregation, analysis services, and a massive amount of out of the box thinking.

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    Focusing on promising startups, the Accelerator is an immersive program designed to build great companies. This includes, but is not limited to, access to top-notch mentorship, technical training, and support by Microsoft executives, local media, and industry experts.


    Neuro-Flash was in batch #4 and is a proud and active member of the global alumni network.

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    Dr. Jonathan T. Mall - CEO & Science Officer


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